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What is a Collection Agency?

Selecting a Commercial Credit Collection Agency

AAB is a specialized commercial credit collection agency. Commercial credit requires far more advanced business services for debt collection than those offered by a consumer collection agency. The first big difference is the average account balances are much higher in commercial credit.

Commercial lenders or companies, who extend credit to their commercial business customers, usually have signed agreements or contracts to limit their risk. However, an agreement that is valid in one state could be invalid in another. Information like this can save a Client a lot of money and is one of the best reasons to select a specialized commercial credit collection agency.

Commercial credit collections require teamwork between a Client and the collection agency. Commercial debt can be extremely time sensitive, as companies can have a fast decline and can soon be out of business. There are numerous ways to identify potential risky accounts before they become a major problem. When selecting a commercial agency, make sure they have the information resources for commercial credit.

Avoid the pitfall of hiring a consumer collection agency to collect commercial debt. In most cases a consumer agency has no idea about commercial credit agreements, contracts and sophisticated debtors, who are very creative in avoiding their obligations. Seasoned commercial collectors know the technicalities, pitfalls and stall tactics employed by educated debtors who dodge paying their credit. Be sure to ask about their commercial experience when selecting a collection agency.

Why AAB should be your Commercial Credit Collection Agency

AAB commercial collectors are trained professionals, who are up to date on the latest changes in State laws affecting commercial credit. When we see a change that could increase our Client’s risk in a particular state, we let them know. We protect our Client’s interests, or corporate heartbeat and our expertise is a good reason why AAB should be your Commercial Credit Collection Agency.

Our advanced credit and collection systems were built for commercial credit. Our Clients have 24/7 access to their files and collector notes in real time. We offer robust reporting and our commercial collectors actually communicate with our Clients. We operate in a transparent timely manner, which is a standard benefit when AAB is your commercial collection agency.

The best reason to select AAB is our superior collection results. Our commercial collectors are highly trained professionals that specialize in collecting commercial credit.

Find out what our Commercial Collection Agency can do for you

If you need your commercial debt liquidated, give us a call, start a chat or schedule a free consultation with our Commercial Credit Collection Agency.

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