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What is a Collection Agency?

Commercial Debt Collection

Account Adjustment Bureau or AAB specializes in commercial debt collection. Our collection agency covers the US and for over 40 years has been in the business of debt collection. AAB is a commercial collection agency that offers reasonable rates on commercial debt collection.

Commercial debt collection requires far more expertise and experience than consumer debt collection. There are numerous factors affecting the collection of commercial debt that simply don’t exist with consumer debt collection. This is why AAB commercial collectors have an average of 18 years’ experience in hard core commercial debt collection.

Commercial debt collection comprises the bulk of our business. Unlike consumer collection agencies that try and dabble in commercial debt collection, we actually know what we are doing when it comes to commercial. Consumer collection agencies also tend to overcharge for commercial debt collection. AAB on the other hand is a commercial agency with reasonable rates.

Commercial Debt Collection is best handled by a commercial collection agency

Commercial accounts involve higher balances and more sophisticated debtors. When you have a large balance commercial collection the last thing you need is a consumer agency who thinks they know what they are doing with commercial debt. AAB knows commercial debt collection.

Depending on the Client reporting threshold, our Clients receive a progress report from the actual commercial collector handling their file within 2 business (clear) days. We don’t fool around when it comes to commercial debt collection.

AAB has a low employee turnover rate because we have collectors who have a passion for commercial debt collection. Our people enjoy the challenges of collecting commercial debt and it shows in our superior results at reasonable rates. If you want quick action and dynamic results then you need one of our commercial collectors to handle your commercial debt collection.

Procrastination is the worst enemy of Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial debt collection is more time sensitive than consumer collections, especially on large balance commercial accounts. When a limited company is going out of business the creditors who press for payment during the slide are the ones who get paid in full. Other creditors who procrastinate listing a commercial account for collection are the ones who end up with a write off. Timing is everything in commercial debt collection.

Thinking about commercial debt collection? Contact us today or request a free Quote from an AAB pro on your current needs for commercial debt collection.
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