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A Collection Agency Collecting Commercial Debt in the US

Collecting commercial debt with a collection agency can have its pitfalls. Be suspicious if a collection agency tells you collecting commercial debt will never require a state collection agency license. Contrary to popular belief, some states require a collection agency to be licensed when collecting commercial debt or accounts from businesses or commercial residents located in their state. While a particular state may not require licensing for collecting commercial debt, others have laws that can affect a collection agency when collecting commercial debt.

States that require a collection agency license for collecting commercial debt

If researching your collection agency options for collecting commercial debt, you will find the chart below very informative. It identifies the states where a collection agency license is required for collecting commercial debt.

While we make every effort to ensure accuracy, please remember that this chart is subject to change. The chart information below should not be considered legal collection advice or to be one hundred percent accurate. AAB assumes no liability for its use, and no warranty is expressed or implied. This chart is simply a guide to the states with Laws that affect collecting commercial debt.

Alabama License not required
Alaska Letter of Exemption Required
Arizona License Required
Arkansas License Required
California License not required
Colorado License Required
Connecticut License Required
Delaware License Required
Florida License Required
Georgia License not required
Hawaii Agency Registration Required
Idaho Agency Registration Required
Illinois License Required
Indiana License Required
Iowa Registration Required
Kansas Registration Required
Kentucky License not required
Louisiana COA
Maine License Required
Maryland License Required
Massachusetts License Required
Michigan Licensed
Minnesota License Required
Mississippi License not required
Missouri License not required
Montana License not required
Nebraska License Required
Nevada License Required
New Hampshire License not required
New Jersey License Required
New Mexico License Required
New York State Licensed not required
NYC, New York Licensed
Buffalo, New York Licensed
North Carolina License Required
North Dakota License Required
Ohio License not required
Oklahoma License not required
Oregon License Required
Pennsylvania License not required
Rhode Island License not required
South Carolina License not required
South Dakota License not required
Tennessee License Required
Texas License not required
Utah Registration Required
Vermont License not required
Virginia License not required
Washington License Required
West Virginia License Required
Wisconsin License Required
Wyoming License Required

Still have questions about collecting commercial debt?

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However, if we don’t know the answer right away, we will find out and let you know. Our clients rely on us, as a reliable information resource on collecting commercial debt. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on collecting commercial debt.