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Business Collection Agency

Account Adjustment Bureau employs commercial collectors who have been certified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors. AAB commercial business services help streamline the debt recovery process and increase your company's cash flow. Our business collection agency handles small and large commercial portfolios. By engaging our services, finance professionals can reduce bad debt risk.

Finding a new commercial or business collection agency must be done with caution, especially when hiring a debt collection agency for the first time. The most important question to ask a prospective collection agency vendor is what they can do to increase cash flow while reducing business costs. An experienced business collection agency will ask some important questions first, then recommend various solutions. Through this consultation, you can understand the benefits you might expect based on the collection agency's experience in your industry.

What to Look For in a Business Collection Agency

There are several things to look for when choosing or switching to a new business collection agency. Doing simple due diligence on the agency can prevent big problems down the road. Collection agency regulations vary from state to state. For example, California does not require a business collection agency to be licensed. While a state license does not guarantee ethical behavior and standardized business practices, it does demonstrate the collection agency is serious about its business.  Typically a licensed business collection agency owner has had to pass a state examination and show they know how to manage a client's trust account.

Once you know the collection agency is licensed and insured, then the next indicator to ask about are the agency business systems behind their business collection agency. An outdated website can be a warning sign of a business collection agency out of touch with newer information technology. How the agency exchanges confidential data with your business is just as important as how they perform the work.

AAB has the latest information technology and sources that are critical for a fast, successful business collection. Knowledge provides negotiation power, and we utilize the newest technology to generate faster recoveries for the clients of our collection agency.

The First Step in Selecting a Business Collection Agency

The first step is to call or contact the potential business collection agency. It is relatively easy to tell if the agency representative actually knows business collections and your industry by having a short discussion. Just because a salesperson works for a commercial collection agency doesn't mean they have actual collection experience. Ask detailed questions. If the collection salesperson can't answer your questions or understand them, then move on to another business collection agency.

When you inquire about AAB's business collection agency, you will be dealing with a collection professional with a minimum of 20 years of real-world experience. For additional information, see our FAQs page for answers about our services for business collection.

Give us a call or use one of the other contact methods on our site. Let an AAB professional answer your collection questions with our free consultations.