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International Debt Collection

Foreign debt collection can be smoke and mirrors in a lot of countries when it comes to collecting. AAB has been providing overseas debt collections for over four decades. We have solid reliable contacts all over the globe, which is why you should consider AAB for foreign debt collection.

Foreign debt collection can be quite bizarre in some countries. Some countries are systemically corrupt and the only way some foreign debt will ever be collected is if you have the right agent or contact. It has taken us decades to build up a solid network of collection agents that can be counted on. We also have reciprocal relationships with most of these foreign agents and collect debt for them in the US. Building a reliable network is the key to foreign debt collection.

Rates on Foreign Debt Collection

Rates on foreign debt collection are the same as our standard rates with a few exceptions. In some countries the rates are higher than in the US. In these cases you will be given the option whether you want to raise the collection rates. It is better to get a lower percentage of something than a higher percent of nothing in foreign debt collection.

Overseas debt collection is a lot more than rates. It’s about experience and being able to anticipate barrier to collection in foreign countries. There are foreign countries that don’t have laws covering basic technology. Corruption in the country where the debtor resides is the biggest influence on collection rates in foreign debt.

Need to collect Foreign Debt?

Then consider AAB. We have the experience and a mature network to take care of your foreign debt collection. Instead of dealing with dodgy foreign collection agents let us take care of the details. In some countries corrupt collection agents will collect your debt and keep the money. Avoid the risk and rely on AAB to make sure you get paid on your foreign debt.

Have any questions or concerns about foreign debt collection? Give us a call and an AAB professional is available to assist. You can also schedule a free consultation on Foreign Debt Collection.