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Commercial Collection Agency

AAB has been providing commercial collection agency services since 1973. Local, out-of-state, and international creditors have come to rely upon AAB for our commercial collection agency services. At AAB, we collect b2b or commercial debt, quickly turning bad debt back into bankable dollars that your business can redeploy immediately.

At AAB, we make commercial debt collection simple, fast, and effective.

Business owners work hard to get customers, so the thought of turning over a slow-paying customer to a commercial collection agency can be a scary proposition. We, too, work hard to get and keep customers, so we understand your hesitancy. Your business also deserves to get paid for its hard work. A commercial collection agency is a team of professional negotiators working on your behalf to get your money quickly based on No Collection No Fee. Instead of losing 100% of your receivables, hiring a skilled commercial collection agency may make sense. We can recover your funds faster than you might be able to on your own.

Most of our commercial collection agency competitors solely focus on b2b or commercial debt only; however, the recovery of commercial claims is not always that simple. Sometimes business principals sign joint and several liability clauses, making them equally responsible for paying your debt. Debtor attorneys will recognize right away if the individuals' rights have been violated and make your life miserable. Therefore we recommend using a collection agency vendor with deep expertise collecting from individuals too.

When is the right time to hire a commercial collection agency?

While there is no standard answer to this question, one would hire a commercial collection agency after the receivable ages past 90 days from the due date (assuming your terms are 30 days). Each industry has "generally accepted industry terms." For example, suppose your product is perishable food. In that case, your terms should be 7, 14, and 21 days, passing your slow-paying customer to a commercial collection agency on day 30.

Unlike a consumer, when a business runs out of money, it closes for good – never to return. Hiring a third-party commercial collection agency is recommended as soon as your customer exhibits any of the top ten early warning signs of bad debt.