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Trucking and Transportation Collections

AAB is a trucking collection agency that handles trucking and transportation collections. We cover the entire US and provide numerous collection services for transportation collections. For almost 50 years, AAB has provided Clients with superior recoveries on their trucking and transportation collections.

We primarily provide trucking companies with debt collection services to recover their bulk freight or LTL receivables and collections. Our transportation debt collection services span from entire accounts receivable outsourcing to simple contingency debt collections.

Transportation collections also include debt collection for domestic and maritime shipping, demurrage, landing fees, and other receivables related to transportation. We are a full-service commercial collection agency that is bonded and insured for transportation collections.

Why You Should Consider AAB Transportation Collections

Our collection recovery rates exceed industry averages in trucking. Our collectors are seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of commercial transportation collections.

Contrary to common opinion, State collection regulations often affect transportation collections. In some states, just because a trucking bill is a commercial debt, doesn’t mean that an agency can legally collect in that state. Many states now require a collection agency to be licensed and bonded in their state to recover commercial transportation collections legally.

AAB is fully licensed in the US, and carries full liability insurance. Our Clients include major transportation companies in the US and Canada. Our Clients don’t have to worry about liability issues because their collection agency isn’t licensed in a state for commercial transportation collections.

Trucking Clients have 24/7 access to their files and reporting with AAB. Our sophisticated infrastructure has numerous options to report statistics on your collections. Some of our trucking Clients enjoy the ability to drill down on a file and review the actual collector notes to reveal what is happening in real-time. Goods move at a fast and constant pace. With AAB, you have instant 24/7 access to accurate information on all your transportation collections through our secure WebHost portal.

Learn How We Can Increase Recoveries on Your Transportation Collections.

Our sales representatives aren’t your average sales reps. When you contact AAB, you will be dealing with a commercial collection expert with a minimum of 20 years of experience in commercial collections. Give us a call, start a chat, request a callback, or schedule your free consultation on transportation collections.