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B2B Debt Collection

AAB provides commercial or business to business debt collection services. We specialize in B2B collections and have served local, regional, and national commercial clients for almost 50 years in the United States. We offer reasonable rates on B2B debt collection.

B2B debt collection requires far more expertise than retail or consumer collections. It takes years to train a commercial collector in all the facets of B2B debt collection. Add in all the state collection laws and regulations. It is easy to see how logistics can become complicated with business-to-business or B2B debt collection.

Our B2B collectors have years of experience collecting commercial business debt. Our collectors know the ins and outs of collecting B2B debt in different states. Each industry is different, and our experienced collectors understand various industries and each industry's inherent bottlenecks with B2B debt collection.

AAB Specializes in Business to Business Debt Collection

Many companies make the mistake of using a consumer collection agency for B2B debt collection. B2B debt usually involves much higher balances and a lot more debtor loopholes to evade their obligation.

A common debtor ploy when a company is going out of business is to stall out payment while liquidating its assets. Most B2B debt is unsecured, so the creditor has no leverage if the limited debtor company can stall things until they are out of business. A consumer collection agency is used to collecting from personal debtors who rarely die, which is why they miss the warning signs of a dying company in B2B debt collection.

AAB doesn't leave money on the table when we handle your B2B collections.

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