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Debt Collection Services

AAB provides local, regional, and national debt collection services. We specialize in commercial debt collection and offer a wide range of services for commercial collections. For almost 50 years, AAB has assisted small, medium, and large companies with our debt collection services.

Our collection services we offer range from accounts receivable pre-collections to contingency debt collection. Our most effective solutions usually entail a custom combination of credit and debt collection services.

Preventative Collection Services

Debt collection on current accounts is referred to as pre-collection services. Pre-collection steps can include billing services, accounts receivable management, and credit risk services. Streamlining and improving efficiencies during the pre-collection phase speeds up your cash flow and minimizes the future need for third-party debt collection services.

AAB can analyze and provide collection services that will improve cash flow and your bottom line. Our collection experts have decades of experience in commercial debt collection. It is often amazing what a few credit system adjustments can do to decrease your accounts receivable days outstanding, which means faster cash flow. There are many types of preventative debt collection services.

Screening bad credit risks before they become credit customers saves time, expense and hassle. Perhaps a limited company applying for credit requires a personal guarantee to turn a bad risk into a good risk. Making an educated decision involves information, and credit screening is one of our most cost-effective debt collection services.

Standard Services

Many of our debt collection services are standard with most collection agencies. Suppose you have a backlog of past-due customers. In that case, AAB is the right company to turn things around with our commercial contingency collections. We charge a percentage based on account age and dollar value. You only pay commissions if we collect. Many of our biggest clients started with our standard collection services.

Often a combination of standard services is the right solution. Either way, an AAB professional is available to analyze your needs and provide solutions. Give an AAB professional a call or schedule a free consultation on our debt collection services.