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Landlord-Tenant Debt Collections

At AAB, we have been providing landlord-tenant debt recovery services to local, regional, and nation landlords since 1973.  The recovery of landlord-tenant debt can be tricky, as many factors make up a typical claim, such as rental arrears, damages, utilities, and cleaning, to name a few. AAB’s vast experience in managing landlord-tenant debt recovery enables us to proactively negotiate with former tenants on your behalf and overcome their typical objections to paying their past due accounts.

Apartment and Residential Tenant Debt Collection Agency

When a residential tenant vacates the property, there can be many reasons why they still owe you money. Debts for rental arrears only are typically much easier to collect, unlike tenants who left the unit unclean and damaged. At AAB, our job is to recover funds owed as quickly as possible. We know which tenants will provide you with maximum recovery.

To engage our services collecting landlord-tenant debt, we require the following documents:

  • Copy of the rental application
  • Copy of the lease agreement
  • Copy of the SODA or Statement of Security Deposit Account
  • Copy of the Money Judgment, as applicable.

Our firm reports landlord-tenant debt to three credit bureaus. Experian, Equifax, and Transunion all receive bi-weekly landlord-tenant debt collection updates from AAB keeping the data fresh and accurate. We ask that our landlord clientele take care to submit accurate data. To mitigate risk, our team of adminstrators review each claim that is assigned to ensure we have all the documentation required to validate the debt. Consumer attorneys love landlord-tenant mistakes, making both the agency and the landlord a target for a suit.

Commercial Tenant Debt Collection

If a commercial tenant is evicted or suddenly moves before the lease term is up, commercial landlords must act quickly. When a commercial tenant is experiences cash flow issues, the first creditor to act has a much higher probability of getting paid.

At AAB, we work quickly to ascertain the reason for the delinquency and develop a strategy to get your money back. Our firm reports commercial landlord-tenant collections to Equifax, and Experian only.