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Accounts Receivable Management

AAB goes beyond standard collection industry standards and provides industry-specific accounts receivable management. We manage commercial accounts receivable portfolios for various industries, each with unique requirements. In particular, commercial or B2B accounts can have more regional influences, more significant balances, and require sophisticated accounts receivable management.

Commercial accounts receivable management is more time-sensitive than consumer, as commercial accounts have limited liability protection. Effective accounts receivable management should detect accounts where time-sensitive action should be taken. When a company's finances are in decline, there are numerous warning signs. If you miss the warning signs, accounts become a bad debt. Identifying and acting on receivable warning signs are the most important function of commercial accounts receivable management.

Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management

Just like payroll and human resources, it makes a lot of sense to outsource your accounts receivable to AAB's professional credit management team. Many B2B or commercial companies realize, while they are experts in their industry, accounts receivable is a specialized skill-set and critical to cash flow. AAB uses economies of scale to provide our clients with cost-effective savings in managing portfolios. AAB is a commercial collection agency specializing in accounts receivable management, providing consistent and stable cash flow.

AAB can replace or supplement parts of a commercial accounts receivable department or the entire department management. Generally, your accounts receivable is your largest asset. Still, the task of collections usually falls to some of your firm's most transient and inexperienced staff.  Most of the time, poor cash flow is self-inflicted due to an amateur team. Therefore it makes sense to hire professionally trained negotiators to work on your behalf. Our people have decades of experience in numerous industries and accounts receivable management. Sometimes hiring a professional is more expensive, but it can make perfect economic sense if they substantially reduce your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

An AAB professional can formulate cost-effective solutions and eliminate bottlenecks. We know commercial accounts receivable management.

Accounts Receivable Analysis

An AAB professional can assist you in analyzing your accounts receivable and come up with cost-saving solutions. With years of experience, your AAB professional will recognize familiar delinquency patterns and, from experience, recommend proven solutions to solve the problem. We will also show you how to monitor accounts for effective accounts receivable management, ensuring consistent cash flow.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your accounts receivable department is essential to accounts receivable management. Improve your bottom line with a call to AAB or request a free consultation on our accounts receivable management services.