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Business Debt Recovery

Business debt recovery involves understanding how different types of agreements and contracts with different terms and conditions can assist in collecting past due balances. AAB's commercial debt collection experts know the logistics of business debt recovery. They use their knowledge of credit agreements to our clients' benefit.

Our highly trained debt recovery professionals understand contractual obligations and how they influence business debt recovery. We don't guess, and if we don't know, we find out. Terms, conditions, and facts determine failure or success in business debt recovery.

People Are the Key to Our Success In Business Debt Recovery

Seasoned business or commercial debt collectors produce instant results. Often a seasoned professional can accomplish more in one phone call than your run of the mill debt collector can in ten. Knowledge is power in negotiations, and a chronic commercial debtor quickly realizes it is time to pay when AAB enters the picture. Standard excuses, stall tactics, and distractions don't work when our people handle business debt recovery.

When selecting a commercial collection agency, look at their people. In a lot of cases, agency collectors have no idea about complicated commercial agreements. They attempt to collect a debt even though they have no idea what the contractual terms and conditions mean. At AAB, this is basic 101 for our business debt recovery teams.

Business debt recovery is one of the most complex areas in debt collection. Business debt recovery also involves much larger average balances. Our business collectors have worked their way up through the ranks—our commercial collectors' average of well over ten years of collection experience in business debt recovery.

Quality Delivers Results in Commercial Debt Recovery