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Small Business Collection Agency

AAB is a small business collection agency with a difference. Our agency specializes in commercial debt collection and offers small business services that reduce credit risk and increase cash flow. We provide credit services at a reasonable cost on services that most small business owners can’t afford due to economies of scale. AAB is also a resource for our small business clients. We offer much more than a typical small business collection agency.

It is hard enough to run a small business these days without worrying about an exploding account receivable. Our small business collection agency can help you streamline your credit system. We help you reduce days outstanding and provide cost-effective credit tools that big companies use. Our small business services level the playing field. They are just an extra benefit when you deal with our small business collection agency.

Small Business Collection Agency Services

A small business collection agency has to be more flexible with related credit services. AAB has been in business for almost 50 years, and our infrastructure can handle small as well as large volumes of business. Our small business collection agency services include credit screening, credit reporting, debt collection, pre-collections, credit approval systems, etc. The list goes on, and different small businesses need different combinations of small business services. Either way, AAB is your complete small business collection agency.

Small Business Collection Services

We primarily collect commercial debt, spanning from third-party bad debt collections to the maintenance of 30-day accounts receivable collections. In the case of small business collections, we often see a mix of consumer and commercial customers. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why AAB should be your small business collection agency.

AAB operates throughout the US, which is an advantage for our small business clients. For our clients, AAB is a source of information. Many of our small business clients call us with questions before deciding to do business and extend credit in a particular state. We know the debt collection landscape, save our small business clients a lot of money, and help to prevent costly mistakes. We build long-term business relationships by going the extra mile, a mark of a successful small business collection agency.

Find Out Why AAB Should Be Your Small Business Collection Agency

If you are looking to change or retain a new small business collection agency for the first time, give us a call. We can schedule a free consultation on the services offered by our small business collection agency.