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Equipment Rental Debt Collections

Equipment rental debt collection is critical to the financial health of rental companies in the US. AAB is a commercial debt recovery agency that offers creative solutions for equipment rental debt collection.

Commercial equipment rentals can be highly profitable, providing there is tight control on accounts receivable debt collection. Also, costs of damaged, destroyed, or missing equipment can require enhanced debt collection efforts.

When a debtor company goes out of business, equipment rental debt is unsecured. Many companies that choose to rent equipment rely solely on cash flow. If an industry is affected by adverse economic trends, then they are in immediate trouble. Efficient debt collection eliminates or reduces write-offs for companies who provide equipment rental.

Equipment Rental Collection Solutions

Many equipment rental companies outsource their credit screening and account receivable debt collection. This frees up valuable human resources while reducing costs. AAB provides complete rental collection solutions or a combination of equipment rental services that mitigate risk while improving debt collection.

Efficient debt collection equals faster cash flow. Proper credit screening for new credit customers reduces risk and slow payers. We also provide credit agreement services to improve your position when collecting from delinquent customers. Whatever your needs may be, you can rely on AAB to protect your interests while reducing your cost of debt collection.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Every equipment rental operation has different accounts receivable logistics. Due to the transient nature of some rental customers, a tight rein must be maintained on accounts receivable debt collection. A quick response on recovering costs for damaged equipment, or equipment not returned, protects the bottom line. AAB can provide the right combination of services, so your operation has tight control of debt collection.

AAB offers complete debt collection systems and a variety of risk management solutions for equipment rental. Give us a call or schedule a free no-obligation consultation on equipment rental debt collection.