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Credit Collection

AAB is a fully licensed collection agency that provides credit collection services for companies extending credit to consumers and commercial customers. We offer a wide range of credit collection services to local, regional and national companies. AAB also offers international collection services.

Several factors can negatively affect a company when extending credit to customers. A savvy business owner, CFO, or Credit Manager recognizes when their accounts receivable is getting out of hand and is smart enough to bring in professional collection services.

AAB can help turn things around with the right combination of services. We can help you analyze your current accounts receivable and provide practical solutions that work. We can provide cost-saving services that, in most cases, will increase the bottom line return on your credit portfolio.

AAB Is All About Credit Collection Services

We can make such bold claims because our people are experts in credit collection. For almost 50 years, we have been improving the bottom line for our clients throughout the US. An AAB collection professional with 20 years of debt collection and credit systems experience is just a call away and ready to help you increase your profitability with our cost-effective credit collection services.

Credit collection is a specialized field, and our seasoned people know the nuances of accounts receivable credit. The added expertise AAB brings to the table will transform your credit receivables into bankable dollars—usually through a simple combination of credit collection services.

Our Credit Services Are Based on Objective Common Sense

Accounts receivable operations tend to slip into a pattern where procedures are used because that’s the way it has always been done. AAB brings our clients an objective viewpoint and solutions to increase efficiency while cutting their credit costs.

With technology changing daily, there are often services we can deliver, of which the customer is not even aware. Sometimes the right technology can create spectacular cost savings over traditional methods of collection.

Give us a call and, let us show you how to get a better return on your credit operation. You can also schedule a free consultation on our credit collection services.