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Advertising and Media Debt Collections

AAB provides commercial debt collection for the advertising and media industry. Collecting advertising and media debt collection is a specialized field with unique challenges. AAB is licensed nationwide as a collection agency in states requiring licensing for collecting commercial debt. Consider AAB for your advertising and media debt collection.

For almost 50 years, AAB has been collecting commercial debt. Aside from the added collection expertise required for commercial collections, there are many unique twists in advertising and media debt collection.

Stall Tactics in Media Debt Collection

Stall tactics are one of the most significant differences between standard debt collection and media debt collection. The most popular stall tactic is to dispute payment because the debtor company claims they didn’t get the results they expected or a spelling mistake in the advertisement.

Delinquent advertising and media debtors prefer to ignore the many factors involved in successful advertising. The debtor’s poor design and marketing strategies are most likely the reason for their lackluster sales results. Advertising debtors often provide artwork that contains spelling errors, then blame it on you. They expect the advertising and media companies to pay for their mistakes and use nonpayment to negotiate a discount during the collection.

There is another misconception debtors have in media debt collection. Many debtors underestimate the cost and expertise behind advertising and media. They assume the costs to produce a commercial or print ad are negligible, and they are entitled to a deep discount when pressed for collection.

These are just some of the stall tactics in Media Debt Collection.

Unsecured Debt and Media Debt Collection

Media accounts receivable is almost always unsecured. In most cases, the advertising and media companies extend credit to limited companies without personal guarantees or collateral. Collecting unsecured debt is the basis of advertising and media debt collection.

Our collectors have extensive experience in media debt collection. They are seasoned professionals that collect in a firm yet professional manner.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are an advertising or media company that needs collection services, give us a call. One of our professionals would be happy to show you how we can improve your bottom line. You can also schedule a free consultation on advertising and media debt collection.