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Debt Collection Agency

AAB is a debt collection agency, and we collect commercial and consumer debt for clients throughout the US. Since 1973 our collection agency has provided professional debt collection services.

Debt collection has transformed over the last 50 years due to new state laws and commercial regulations governing a debt collection agency. Add in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA changes, and it is easy to see this trend of new laws and commercial regulations will continue to increase collection compliance issues for a debt collection agency.

Regulatory compliance by a debt collection agency is critical to agency customers. Potential liability issues can surface if the proper protocols aren’t followed when collecting a debt. When shopping for a debt collection agency, always remember that you can be held liable for any legal errors committed by your collection agency.

Commercial debt collection, in particular, can be a potential minefield if an agency is not appropriately licensed. Years ago, commercial debt collection was exempt from the majority of state licensing. A commercial collection agency didn’t need to be licensed on the state level as a debt collection agency.

Those days are long gone. Today, almost half of the states require a commercial agency to be licensed in their state as a debt collection agency. Most of these states require bonds and, in some cases, clients trust accounts. There is a popular misconception that a commercial collection agency is free to collect commercial accounts anywhere in the US without the need to license as a state debt collection agency.

When choosing a debt collection agency, ask the potential agency what happens in a worst-case scenario. What potential liability are you exposed to should an agency employee make a mistake? It doesn’t matter if a collection agency has a spotless record. People are human and make mistakes. You don’t want any potential liability because of licensing issues as a debt collection agency.

Our Debt Collection Agency Has Your Back Covered

AAB commercial collectors have an average of 18 years of collection industry experience. Our sales team has a minimum of 20 years of collection agency experience. Contact an AAB pro today or request a free consultation on the services offered by our debt collection agency.