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Insurance Collection Agency

AAB provides insurance collection agency services for insurance subrogation claims and collecting premiums for time on risk. Our agency collects insurance debt across the nation. If you need to collect subrogation debts or insurance premiums, AAB should be your insurance collection agency.

Insurance collection agency services include early treatment programs, cost-effective fixed fee services, risk mitigation, cash flow systems, and contingency-based collections. Insurance subrogation claims departments often experience surges in claims. They need help to fill the gap with services from an insurance collection agency.

Our Insurance Collection Agency Protects Your Image

The insurance industry is highly competitive. Insurance companies spend large sums on building and then maintaining their brand or image. An insurance collection agency must pay close attention to detail, as minor mistakes can tarnish a brand and add expense to an insurance collection.

Due to claim reserves, it is in the best interest of the Insurance companies to finalize claims as fast as possible. Once the subrogation process is completed comes the hard part, getting paid from the liable parties. Some demand for payments are paid immediately, but often being polite and public relations conscious isn't enough to get paid. This is where AAB comes in. We can provide the added pressure to extract the money as your authorized insurance collection agency.

The majority of insurance customers pay their premiums in a timely fashion. Many don't. The goal from our agency perspective is to get the premium paid without losing the customer and maintain our client's professional image throughout the collection. Fixed fee and contingency programs are available with our insurance collection agency services.

Insurance Collection Agency Custom Programs

Every insurance collection client has different logistics and combinations of services they need from an agency. Also, subrogation claim collections require experienced collectors. The majority of clients in the insurance industry need a customized program with the right combination of services from their insurance collection agency.

Michigan Debt Collection Agency

Our insurance collectors have an average of 18 years of experience in collections. Contact us by phone if you want to speed up your cash flow or request a free consultation on why AAB should be your insurance collection agency.